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Pai Organics Organic Plant Pesticide and Plants Protector (250 g)

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Brand: Pai Organics

Color: Natural


  • Pai Organics Plant Protector offers gardeners an organic alternative to pest control and disease control of plant
  • Protects Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables, Ornamental plants and Shrubs.
  • Safe for honey bee & butterflies.
  • No residual effect and does not penetrate the plant tissues.
  • It kills a variety of leaf feeding caterpillars and worms including corn earworm, bollworm.

Details: Pai Organics Plant protector is an alternative to chemical pesticides and disease control options to keep the plants beautiful and bountiful. Pai`s plant protector kills a variety of leaf feeding caterpillars and worms, including corn earworm, bollworm and many more insect.